Standing in the presence of Kateri Ma is like being a small child in her mother’s embrace. Love and protectiveness and the need to see you happy, radiates from her energy.

Many times this Mother is misunderstood. Many times it’s because we have been taught to worship her the wrong way and for the wrong things.

Many many times, we carry fear of this Mother, because we’ve been taught to fear her. The goal of this article is not to sing the praise of this Great Devi, though I do this several times a day, but to help readers gain a better understanding of her.

In this article, I plan to:

  1. share with you what I know about Kateri Ma.
  2. what can be offered to Kateri Ma.
  3. how to prepare for puja for Kateri Ma.
  4. shed some light on how negative pujas offered to this Devi REALLY work
  5. the truth about “someone putting Kateri Ma” on a person. Gosh, things people say.

Of course, this article is based on my own experiences, those experiences that I’ve witnessed and from what I have learned from my Amman. Feel free not to agree with me.

Who is Kateri Mata?

Kateri Ma is known as the 64th form of the Divine Shakti. She is often referred to as Small Mother as she is the last known spiritual materialization of Shakti. The name “Kateri” has been mentioned across the web as being the tamil word for “blood sucker”. (I really can not say if that’s the translation.) Many have come to the conclusion that this means Kateri Amman is a vampyre. However, this form of the Divine Mother beget her name from the help she provides – removing disease from the blood, sucking out sickness from the body. There are many stories of how she originated, but not one single story matters. It is natural to want to learn more about her once she has made her presence in your life known, but really, no matter what you learn, it will not help you know her. To be frank, where she came from, how she came to be, means nothing compared to this Devi’s character.

Ekam Sadvipraha Bahudha Vadanti meaning While Truth is One, the Names are Many.

Just as every form of Shakti is prayed to and known for certain abilities, every form also has a different personality. All are loving, some are faster to rescue you than others and some are stricter than others. Some require devotion while others require love. Some require a strict fast while others require a clean heart.

As for my Amman Kateri, I find her to be the most loving of all. She is also very compassionate. She understands that we will make mistakes, it’s part of the path we must walk.

When you speak to her via the Arul Vaaku, which is when a Marlo is manifesting her energy and consciousness, you can see for yourself how frank yet caring she can be. You will always walk away with a happy heart.

Special thanks to the marlo at SMK Temple in Jamaica Queens who “plays” my Mother. Whenever I speak to my Amman through him, I know I’m speaking to her. For a marlo to manifest her energy so completely that you know you’re speaking to her and only her, requires a ton of fasting, devotion and deep love for her. So I truly appreciate this marlo and every marlo out there that takes being in Kateri Ma’s service seriously. Special thanks also to all the Head Pujaries who enforce this and teach the importance of it.

My Amman Kateri is also not the type to spoil you. She makes you work for what you want and requires you to better your life. She treats all of her children fairly and reciprocates exactly the feelings you have for her, if not more. So if you love her deeply and only want to make her happy, you will see the same from her.

She is always happy to help but she takes her time. This is because when she is helping you, she prefers to help you build a strong foundation so the assistance lasts long term.

Her assistance usually requires you to make lots of effort – heavy meditation, many weeks of devotion. Some people have to offer pujas too. Many assume they’re doing it all for Kateri Mata and they’ll receive XYZ in return. The truth is, when Kateri Ma gives you daily japa or 9 weeks of devotional worship, she’s doing this for your benefit, not hers. That puja that we offer, that many refer to as “feeding her”, is really us feeding ourselves.

You see, for every positive or negative energy you transmit, you attract the same to yourself. So if you are meditating and praying for guidance, you will receive guidance. If you do good onto others, good will be done onto you. In other words, what you put out into the universe, you will receive.

Now, some people believe that this means if you do a big grand puja with lots of offering you can expect to receive lots of whatever-it-is-you-want in return. This is actually the wrong way to think about this. If you give an offering expecting to be blessed with something in return, the universe (The Divine Mother) will bless you to keep expecting. Why? Because the energy that you’re transmitting is what she will respond to. All the devas and devis operate the same way.

Now if you do a grand puja, taking your time to choose everything with care, keeping a clean fast to please the Mother, offering your parsaud with love, with the goal to gift the Mother and make her happy, she will bless you to make you happy.

We are taught by others to do rituals for Kateri Mata for protection, for finances, for relationships, for health… but we are never taught to do rituals for her for the sake of love and devotion. When you pray to Kateri Ma with love and devotion, when you give her offering because you want to make your Amman happy, she will bless you with happiness. That happiness may be love or freedom from financial debt or removal of sickness. It will not be instantaneous, but if you have faith and love for her, you will find that her help is life changing.

What is Kateri Ma’s mantra?

These are hard to find. The one I use is very simple. “Om Namoh Shree Kateri Mata Aiya Namah”.

What can I offer Kateri Ma?

Some of these are offered during daily prayer or weekly devotion and those in purple are offered only during pujas, if required. Of course, this is only a list of things that can be offered. It’s not a complete list nor is it a required list.

A flower mala.

A flower mala with neem and a lime.

Loose flowers.




Fruit (always sweet without sores).

Dry coconut.

Water coconut.



Flag, only if instructed by her.

Sweet rice.

White Rum. RUM not Vodka. Rum is made from sugar cane, Vodka is made from potatoes. You want my Amman to be sweet with you, offer her the sugar cane rum.


Balidan, only if instructed by her.

You may be asking, why do we offer rum and cigarette to Kateri Ma and not Durga Ma. I’ve heard many answers, but the truth is, I haven’t found an answer that my soul can completely agree with. I have theories of my own, but to be frank, I really don’t care. I see this offering as something that will please my Amman, so I’m happy to offer it. Period.

How do I prepare for Kateri Mata puja?

For those who do conduct pujas for my Amman, I ask you, for your own sake to pay attention here.

When fasting for any puja, a proper fast of at least 7 days is required. When there’s a balidan offering involved, at least 14 days. If you’re doing puja at home, the house must also fast. This means the house must be cleaned before the fast begins and it must stay clean of meat, fish, eggs, intimacy and alcohol. Basically the house must fast as you fast. If there are others in your household who are not fasting the whole 7/14 days with you, they must conduct their non-fasting life outside the home. Anyone who is going to help cook for your puja or will be touching anything involved in your puja, should be picked carefully (do not have anyone begrudgingly agree to help) and must fast for 72 hours before assisting.

Here is why:

When inviting Amman into your home for a puja, the house must be as clean as a temple as possible. Yes, Small Mother has the power to go anywhere, into the darkest places, but must she do so when it’s not required? Can we not prepare our home properly for her arrival?

These offering that you’re giving to Amman must be free of any negativity. The location you plan to give these offering and the people who are coming in contact with the offerings, must also be free of negativity. Negativity is not only bad intentions, it’s stress, it’s worry, it’s anger. Once you have been fasting for several days, you not only detox your body but you’re also detoxing your mind. If you find you’re fasting and still feeling these negative energies, it’s time to meditate. Everyday if necessary. This lends to you transmitting positive energy. You only want positive energy to come in contact with your offerings and puja.

Words of Caution (clarification: my personal rant)

Do not let anyone fool you that it’s OK to fast from Thursday and give Amman balidan on Sunday. When offering balidan, you are preparing to assist Amman by freeing one of her devotees soul’s from it’s animal vessel. Within that animal vessel, that soul can not offer bhakti for itself. So when you are fasting to offer this balidan, you are doing what that soul would have done, on behalf of that soul. You are helping Amman’s devotee which is service to the Amman and a big blessing in your life.

DO NOT see that balidan offering as a way to get something for yourself. Do Not see it as a burden. Shift your way of thinking or don’t offer it at all. Only give that offering in service to Amman. And to give that offering properly, you must keep a proper fast. Fasting not only detoxes the vessel, it allows your shakti to move freely and strongly within your vessel. It allows you to connect strongly to your soul. A state of high shakti energy is what you want to be in when taking responsibility for that soul within that animal. That puja has the same requirements of the Śrāddha we do for our dead. You are taking responsibility for that soul and that responsibility is getting it along it’s path back to Amman. So please, do not take this type of offering lightly no matter what any pujari tells you. I would not want a tainted, self serving person to be responsibile for my soul, would you?

How Negative pujas really work

First, what’s a negative puja? This is when some distraught or even vicious fool sits down and asks my Amman to avenge them, for whatever reason, with the intention to hurt someone.

As for how they work… Earlier I mentioned the need for positive energy when fasting for your puja, and that what you put out into the universe, you can expect to receive. When a person has a negative intention towards someone else, they are fueling that intention with their negative energies – anger, greed, envy. When a person who has negative intentions and is fueled by negative energies fasts for a puja, meditates upon their wants, they are building more negative energy. When they vocalize this negative intention with all of this energy and further fuel it with rituals, they are magnifying this intention, giving it forceful power and then they direct it to someone specific, like a target seeking missile. Directing negative energy at someone will result in a negative reaction.


As an example, if you keep forcing air into a balloon will it not eventually burst? I’m not talking about just blowing air into a balloon. I mean forcing that air directly into a balloon using the magnified strength of  something like a bike pump or a helium tank… That balloon bursting is the reaction caused by directing air into it in a forceful, energy packed way.

So yes, if you’ve been on the fence, you can “do people”. Voodoo, another word for a ritual with negative intentions, is possible. Does it always work? There’s a lot of variables that come into play here. If the target is someone who has strengthened their energy via meditation, yoga, bhakti… they are less open to a negative attack. If a person’s energy is low or chaotic because their chakras are not aligned or are out of balance, they are open to negative energies.

People wonder out loud why Mother allows this to happen. God helps those who helps themselves. Ma can only guide you and help you to strengthen your energy. What you choose to do with that energy or whether or not use choose to strengthen your energy to protect yourself, is entirely up to you. Remember I said in order for Mother to help you, a lot of effort is required on your part. 

You may next ask, well, what about children. When we are born, we carry that full shakti power within us, our chakras are aligned, our energy is strong and pure. It’s the external influences that cause us to lose our way, weaken our own energetic defences. 

But remember, once you push that negative energy out into the universe, you’re attracting negative energy. This is why people who focus on negativity, never find their way.

Oh My God, Somebody put Kateri Ma On Me!!!

If you say that out loud and a woman comes over and stomps on your foot, that woman is me.

If you attend temple and are told you have Kateri Ma on you, then you have been blessed grander than any billionaire. To carry Kateri Ma’s power means she is your Ishta Devi. I say it is a huge blessing because I love my Amman, truth is everyone carries their Ishta Devi/Deva within them. Everyone. Anyone who is familiar with meditation and controlling their energies will be able to magnify their personal energy by tapping into the energy their ishta devi/deva provides.

What they intend to do with that energy is totally up to them. Shamans and reiki practitioners heal, intuitives give guidance, good people do good, stupid people do evil.  

If you attend temple and are told someone sent Kateri ma on you, that does not mean you’ll start manifesting her. You can not manifest Kateri Ma without bhakti and training and a guru. It’s more likely that someone who carries Kateri Ma chose to target you with negative intentions fueled by their own energies which are powered by their Ishta Devi, Kateri Amman. And if Kateri Ma has taken a bribe against you and is enforcing it, then you need to fix that problem promptly. My Amman says often that she can be very very good or very very bad. Yes she can be as scary as an assassin if paid well. However, my Amman is also always fair and you can bet your last dollar that the person “hiring” her is going to have a lot of karma to deal with.

Praying to Kateri Ma, meditation and pujas can help to clear up any negative energies as long as you conduct these is an honorable, respectful way with a clean heart and mind.

And that’s all I have for you this week folks. If you’ve enjoyed this article, I would appreciate you sharing it to help build the awareness of how truly wonderful Kateri Ma is.





    • Sati

      how puja is done is determined by the official (pandit or pujarie) conducting the puja.

  1. Ken Persaud

    Full agree with your view on praying to and loving our wonderful mother, Kateri Amman. Thank you for this site. I will share with others that can also appreciate and hopefully expand their knowledge too.

  2. Jai Maa Kali. Thanks for sharing such a soul touching article on Divine Mother.

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