My Amman


What You Need To Know About Kateri Ma

Standing in the presence of Kateri Ma is like being a small child in her mother’s embrace. Love and protectiveness and the need to see you happy, radiates from her energy.

Many times this Mother is misunderstood. Many times it’s because we have been taught to worship her the wrong way and for the wrong things.

Many many times, we carry fear of this Mother, because we’ve been taught to fear her. The goal of this article is not to sing the praise of this Great Devi, though I do this several times a day, but to help readers gain a better understanding of her.

In this article, I plan to:

  1. share with you what I know about Kateri Ma.
  2. what can be offered to Kateri Ma.
  3. how to prepare for puja for Kateri Ma.
  4. shed some light on how negative pujas offered to this Devi REALLY work
  5. the truth about “someone putting Kateri Ma” on a person. Gosh, things people say.

Of course, this article is based on my own experiences, those experiences that I’ve witnessed and from what I have learned from my Amman. Feel free not to agree with me.