Kateri Ma, the Good, the Bad and the Fair

Namaskar brothers and sisters. Today’s article was previously published on but the author, Devi, was on a hiatus and gave up her site, and has come on board to Road To Shakti to share what she can when she can. Please welcome Devi, known as Caribbean Devi on Facebook, and enjoy this article from her about Kateri Ma. -Sati “Do you have any questions my child?” Of course I did. But I was in awe. Left speechless. Before me, within the vessel of a man I had never met before, was a Goddess who knew everything about me. A goddess who referred to me as her child and offered to give me the happiness I’ve wished for so long, if only I promised to not forget her. “Do you have any questions my child? Do not say no. Mother wants to clarify all for you, so you will not be lost. But you…