Praying to Kali Ma at Home vs. Praying at Temple

Are you someone who only prays on Sundays and only does so at temple? Or are you someone who prefers to stay home and pray in the privacy of your own home? No commute, no lugging around flowers and fruits… Over 200 people per day visit this website to learn about how to pray to Kali Amman at home. No one seems to search for how to pray to Kali Ma at temple. I believe that prayers at both locations are very important for a Kali devotee and I’d like to share with you the benefits of both and why you should incorporate both into your life the best you can. The benefits to praying to Kali Ma at home. Worship at home allows for daily worship. This helps us to connect with the Divine Amman and start each and every day with her blessings. Worship at home invites Amman into our home and…