Hello! My name is Sati. I am Guyana born but NYC raised. I came to the USA when I was very young. My parents have passed a while now and I’m an only child. I have a lovely family of my own now and I have a few very good friends who I can call “sister” and depend on as such. I was once a marketing manager for a small business here in New York but I also offered spiritual counseling and oracle readings to those who felt lost and this went from being an occasional thing to a full blown spiritual counseling practice.

I have practiced Shakti worship 15 years now. Being born hindu, I grew up praying to Ganesh Bhagwan and Lord Shiva. When my life seemed to take a wrong turn into chaos 15 years ago, a friend dragged me off to a Kali Temple. At first I was terrified. I walked into the temple terrified. When I think back to that first day, I am utterly ashamed of myself for being terrified.

You see, I grew up in Brahmin household. This means that my parents only worshipped according to the Vedas. I was taught that Kali Ma and all devtas were to be feared – especially since their photos were quite scary. I was taught that once you started praying to them, you could never take a day off because they would destroy your life. I was even taught to fear Durga Ma, though after seeing all those religious movies, I wanted to be just like her. She was my Wonder Woman.

I was taught very wrong.

But spirituality and the love for anyone, including the Divine Devi in all her forms, is not something you can be taught. It’s a path to be walked. A journey of obstacles and determination and faith and love. I’ve been told by those new to the worship that the path would have been easier if they had some guidance along the way.

That is the reason for the birth of this blog. I hope you’ll join me here. I am happy to answer what questions I can in the form of articles on this blog. If you need specific guidance, please see my reading and consultation services.



  1. Shivani R. Reply

    Truly inspiring. Many people who worship mother Kali say that there are so many others who are quick to judge because of what they’re heard or creating their own misconceptions. I agree with this but up until now I haven’t seen someone (including myself) have enough motivation to actually try and make a difference by helping those certain people understand how loving mother really is. Your blog is a great approach. Thank you ! Keep up your amazing work !

    • Sati Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Shivani. There is so much miscommunication, misunderstandings and misjudgements about shaktism/hinduism/tantrism that I hope what little I know will help the Divine Mother’s children along their path.

  2. Hello Sati, I’m always interested in Hinduism and Buddhism though they are not part of my own religion and culture. I’m stuck on your website since the first time I read about The Divine Mother. I wanna know more about Hindu deities and I’m looking forward for your next blog posts. 🙂

  3. viswanatha varma Reply

    Aathmabandhu Sati,
    Stay Blessed.
    Kaasi Viswanatha varma Chennai India.

  4. Namaste Sati

    Sati you are truly blessed to provide these services. I can personally attest to how accurate your readings are. In fact some of the things you told me were very moving.

    As a result, I am feeling a great boost of confidence and am looking forward to what’s happening next.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. I’ve been hit with accident after accident, a pujari said I have kateri amma in me. Now I have been diagnosed with a disease and more accidents. I don’t know what to do.

    • Sati Reply

      Anna, I apologize for the late reply. The website has been undergoing some technical issues on the backend. Having kateri ma with you is not a bad thing unless someone has given her offerings to mess up your life. Have you spoken with Mari Amman in Kovil? She will show you the way to fix your life. It’s not instantaneous, but fixing things never happens overnight.

  6. It was great reading your article on worshipping Kali Ma and the “Feel confident in the fact that she already loves you” is very true. Initially I use to get scared while performing pooja. Now I’m confident. All your saying about her is very true.

    Thanks for the good article and keep writing. 🙂

  7. Hello Sati,

    It us truly a pleasure to read your articles on Kali-Maa as they are so inspiring and enlightening. I am Guyanese and live in Guyana. I am also an only child. I was born and raised a Catholic and met Kali Maa two years ago when I went to her to ask for assistance to resolve a problem. Since then, I have chosen to continue my relationship with her as she is a really beautiful, powerful goddess. I made an altar to her at home where I worship weekly and fast on Tuesdays, which I learnt are her days. My love for her is intense, powerful and passionate and yes, my life has changed tremendously, totally and beautifully, as you said. She is my beautiful Dark Goddess and although I have not visited a temple to pray to her, I plan to do so from next month. Please keep on writing more articles as I learn so much from you.

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